The Dawn Of Twenty-Two

By Patrick Tunney

Banba sung her songs of gladness,
When her sons were on parade,
Her heart was pierced with woe and sadness,
When her honour was betrayed,
The I.R.A. was bold and darin’,
Full of valour, pure and true,
But serfs dishonoured Mother Érin,
At the dawn of twenty-two.
Banba fought ‘gainst legions hoary,
Lest her gems might fade away,
In the vanguard of her glory,
Marched the fearless I.R.A.
Crime was lurking in dark dungeons,
‘Neath the red, and white and blue,
Faithless sons were madly plunging,
At the dawn of twenty-two.
Banba shrieked ‘mid desolation,
Tears bedewed the verdant sod,
As Staters marched in mass formation,
With British steel and firing squad,
She dreaded not the cold invader,
Whilst her trusted ones were true,
Sneaks and cowards had betrayed her,
At the dawn of twenty-two.
Now Irishmen can tell a story,
’Bout famed Ballyseedy cross,
Tuam, Athlone, Drumboe and Gorey,
Clashmealcon Caves or famed New Ross,
Remember Mellows and O’Connor,
Childers brave and Cathal Brugha,
They gave their lives for Ireland’s honour,
When freedom shucked in twenty-two.