On The Plains Of Kildare

by Patrick Tunney

Old Moore’s Almanac

By Patrick Tunney, Derrykillew, Westport
Enigma dedicated to the brothers McGormac, Drumrainey;
John Mannion, Tuam and all my Curragh Camp colleagues of 1921.

Here’s to some comrades whose names I revere,
That I met when on furlough in County Kildare,
Who shared all their comforts so free with me,
And with Paddy Mulervy of Ballinalee.
Yes, we shared in the pleasures as well as the joys,
Of Killane and the rest of the brave Longford boys,
And when sweed for chattels were hard to secure,
We’d call to some hut to see Rory O’Moore.
We’d search for Con Fogarty near the canteen,
With big Willie Fergus who hailed from Culleen,
Or we’d see McNamara the brave Limerick boy,
With Bill Spooner or Mooney or Michael McCoy.
Then here’s to Tom Newcombe from fair Carramore;
Hugh Reid and Tom Burke from beloved Aughagore;
William Burke and McNulty from famed Burrishoole,
Tom Frain from Clonbur and Mick Murphy from Shrule.
John Elliott from Glasson and the tailor Ned Rock,
And the Donohue brothers from old Castlebrock,
“Lord” Maloney of Annfield who’d charm us all,
When he’d tell of O’Dwyer the night in Imaal.
Tom Duke of Fingal who might sing us a song,
To amuse Peadar Waldron, the rebel from Cong,
Big Paddy Mahon who’d give us a “fill,”
‘Til we’d meet with Tom Confrey from lovely Mohill.
Then here’s to Mullaney and fearless MacBreen,
Joe Fergus, Tom Shannon and the heroes of Shreen,
Success to those brave boys where’er they may be,
By the Robe, by the Shannon or down by the Lee.
I send them a tout from the hills of Mayo,
For services rendered in dungeons of woe;
The joys that I wish them are many and fair,
For their kindness to me on the plains of Kildare