J Company (Castlebar Town No. 2)

When Castlebar ‘A’ Company became too large and unwieldy in 1921, it was decided by the Battalion O/C to form a new company in the town. Many of the names given for this new company are also to be found in the list for the original ‘A’ Company, and this has led to an amount of confusion.

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List of Officers

NameRankStatus 1934Witness StatementPensionMedal
Horkan PatrickO/CSpencer Street
Hughes James1st LieutNew Antrim Street
Clarke Anthony2nd LieutPound Road
Hughes JamesO/C
Clarke Anthony1st Lieut
Ainsworth Patrick2nd LieutCanada

List of Volunteers

NameStatus 1934
Ainsworth Harry Thomas Street
Armstrong J Thomas street
Barrett J Spencer Street
Barrett M Spencer Street
Barrett Willie Killed by FSA March 1923
Boland Vincent Galway
Bourke Frank GB
Bourke J Castle Street
Boyle Pat Lr. Chapel Street
Browne John ?
Browne P Main Street
Browne T Snugboro
Callaghan Edward Dublin
Callaghan Tim USA
Carney D Tucker Street
Carney W. Tucker Street
Carney P Castle Street
Chambers Francis Thomas Street
Chambers Joe Thomas Street
Chambers John New Antrim Street
Clarke A Pound Road
Coleman R Tucker Street
Collins Sean Tuam
Comber James Thomas Street
Comber M.J Thomas Street
Connor C GB
Connor J Spencer Street
Cooney John new Antrim Street
Cooney Martin New Antrim Street
Coughlan D Spencer Street
Dargan D Spencer Street
Dempsey D Garda Siochana
Delaney Ker Tipperary
Devaney J Military Barracks
Doyle W Westport Road
Durcan T Main Street
Fahy W Snugboro
Flannenny Michael Spencer Street
Flannery J Derrymaunish
Flannery P Derrymaunish
Flannery S Derrymaunish
Flannery T (J) Derrymaunish
Flannery T Derrymaunish
Foy Michael Balla
Gavin Frank Thomas Street
Gavin James Thomas Street
Gavin John Lucan Street
Gildea John Tucker Street
Gildea S Tucker Street
Glynn P ?
Gravin Pat Derrycoosh
Gravin Tom Derrycoosh
Golden Peter Westport Road
Hamrock T Newtown
Heneghan M Newtown
Hennelly John Knockthomas
Hoban Brian Tucker Street
Hoban H Tucker Street
Hoban Pat Claremorris
Hoban Timothy Charles Street
Horkan J Castle Street
Horkan James Castle Street
Horkan Pat Spencer Street
Horkan Peter Castle Street
Hughes James (Gas) New Antrim Street
Hughes James Chapel Street
Hughes Tom Gallowshill
Joyce John Snugboro
Joyce Michael Snugboro
Joyce Pat Derrymaunish
Kells Tom Tucker Street
Kelly James Tucker Street
Kelly James Snugboro
Kelly L Spencer Street
Kelly M Main Street
Kenny T Station Road
Ketterick Pat Lucan Street
Kilcoyne J Rock Square
Lally P Derrymaunish
Lane George The Grove
Latter Henry Rush Street
Lavelle Michael Spencer Street
Lavelle T.A Spencer Street
Lydon J County Hospital
Lyons David Thomas Street
Maloney Thomas Thomas Street
Mangan P Derrymaunish
Mayock Patrick New Antrim Street
Mellett Jack The Green
Merchant W Linenhall Street
Mitchell John Derrycoosh
Moore Anthony Derrycoosh
Moran Matt Garda Siochana
Moran Martin Curradrish
Moran T Snugboro
Morahan L Mountgordon
Morahan M Castle Street
Munnelly M Snugboro
Mulloy E Cappagh
Murphy P Snugboro
McCarthy John Lr. Chapel Street
McCarthy W Lr. Chapel Street
McCormack Frank Market Square
McCormack Sam Thomas Street
McDonnell Michael USA
McDonnell Tom Tucker Street
McEvilly James Thomas Street
McGoff John Derrycoosh
McGoff M Snugboro
McGowan James Derrymaunish
McGowan John Ballinacorriga
McGreal Pat New Antrim Street
McHale James Cappagh
McHale James Tucker Street
McHale S New Antrim Street
McLoughlin Martin Derrycoosh
McLynskey J Main Street
McLynskey W Main Street
McMahon J Spencer Street
Neary ? County Hospital
Nolan Tom Milebush
Nolan Tom Thomas Street
O'Boyle J Newport Road
O'Donnell Thomas Killed in action at Kilmeena
O'Haire Jack Free State Army
O'Malley E Main Street
O'Malley P Main street
Patterson Hugh Newport Road
Philbin G Curradrish
Philbin J Derrymaunish
Philbin M Derrymaunish
Reilly John New Antrim Street
Sheridan J USA
Sheridan J.W New Antrim Street
Sheridan T.J New Antrim Street
Smith G Newport Road
Sweeney Owen Rahins
Sweeney Pat Rahins
Swifte James Davitt's Tce.
Tierney Joe Davitt's Tce.
Tierney John Davitt's Tce.
Tierney M Castle Street
Timlin T Bridge Street
Twiggs Harry Duke Street
Twiggs Paddy Duke Street
Walsh Anthony Derrycoosh
Walsh Martin Derrycoosh
Walsh Pat ?