The Memory Of My Father

Old Moore’s Almanac,

Elegy sacredly dedicated to the memory of my father (Thomas Tunney),who died in 1916, addressed to Mary Tunney, Philadelphia. Written in the Curragh of Kildare, 1921

In lone Cushlough you’re sleeping,
Six long weary years,
Whilst I am sadly weeping;
In this dark vale of tears.
For your dear soul I pray with love,
That God may grant you peace;
We soon may meet in realms above,
Of life we hold no lease.
For some this world had charms rare,
But I am here to sigh;
With one cherished hope to meet there,
In a blissful home on high.
This world is all a passing show,
Life here a mortal story,
Where we come to live a span in woe,
Encompasses by vain glory.
In this vale our life is but a span,
Like you we’ll soon be clay;
Ah, helpless is poor mortal man,
God rest your soul for aye.