Mick O’Brien From Cong

By Patrick Tunney

In May 1921, the South Mayo Brigade I.R.A., under the leadership of Tom Maguire, launched a surprise attack in Tourmakeady on a group of R.I.C. and Black and Tans, inflicting severe losses. Mick O’Brien was shot and killed when he ran to assist the injured Tom Maguire. A Celtic Cross in Cong Abbey marks the resting place of Michael O’Brien.

Cloud enshrouds the Partry hills,
Hushed is the linnets’ song,
Whilst we all murmur like the rills,
For Mick O’Brien from Cong.
In early youth within the fold,
He took his part among,
The serried ranks of Fenians bold,
Great Mick O’Brien from Cong.
He played his part with valour brave,
And joined the martyred throng,
Tho’ now he sleeps by Mask’s broad waves,
Great Mick O’Brien from Cong.
His life should be to us a guide,
As ages glide along,
To proudly stand by Banba’s side,
Like Mick O’Brien from Cong.
Let us pursue the paths he trod,
And march, a million strong,
To serve our country and our God,
Like Mick O’Brien from Cong.