H Company (Drummin)

This company was originally in the 3rd (Westport) Battalion. At the Post-Truce re-organisation it was then relocated to the 4th (Louisburgh) Battalion. 

List of Officers 

NameRankWitness StatementPensionMedal
Foy MichaelO/C
McLoughlin PeterO/C

List of Volunteers

NameStatus 1934
Collins MichaelDrummin
Collins MartinDrummin
Cox PatrickKilmore
Duffy JohnDrummin
Duffy PatrickDerryhowna
Duffy PatrickDrummin
Duffy PeterEngland
Duffy ThadyOughty
Flynn JohnOughty
Foy MichaelWestport
Friel AustinOughty
Friel JamesEngland
Friel JamesOughty
Friel ThomasDrummin
Gannon WilliamEngland
Gibbons JohnEngland
Gibbons MichaelDerryhowna
Gibbons StephenDrummin
Hastings JohnUSA
Hastings ThomasUSA
Hastings ThomasUSA
Hastings Michael TDerrymore
Heneghan WalterOughty
Hoban JamesOughty
Kelly JamesDrummin
Kelly J. WDrummin
Kelly MichaelDrummin
Kelly M.JUSA
Kelly PeterDrummin
King JohnDrummin
King PatrickDrummin
King PeterKilmore
McGovern PatrickDrummin
McGuire LeoKilmore
McKeon JohnDrummin
McLoughlin PeterOughty
Murphy MichaelDrummin
Murphy WalterDrummin West
Needham JohnOughty
O'Donnell MichaelUSA