H Company (Aughagower)

List of Officers

NameRankStatus 1934Witness StatementPensionMedal
Duffy JohnCaptainMeyneen
Berry Edward1st LieutLanmore
Duffy John2nd LieutLanmore
Maguire EdwardAdjutantCordarragh
Flynn MichaelAdjutantLanmore
Hughes PatSection LeaderCloonskill
Berry JohnSection LeaderLanmore

List of Volunteers

NameStatus 1934
Berry TomLanmore
Berry MichaelLanmore
Carney JohnAughagower
Conway AnthonyKnappabeg
Conway LarryKnappabeg
Conway PatrickKnappabeg
Duffy AnthonyLanmore
Duffy JohnLettereen
Duffy JohnMountbrown
Duffy OwenCloonskill
Duffy PatrickCordarragh
Duffy PatrickCloonskill
Derrig MichaelMountbrown
Flynn JohnLanmore
Flynn MichaelKimeen
Flynn PatrickLanmore
Foy JohnAughagower
Gavin MichaelRoigh (Transferred to Cushlough 'D' Company)
Geraty JamesBallinlough
Gibbons AustinCordarragh
Gibbons PatrickCordarragh
Gibbons PatrickCurvey
Gibbons PatrickDeerpark
Gibbons PeterAughagower
Gibbons TomCordarragh
Gibbons TomDeerpark
Grady MichaelCloonskill
Grady MartinCurvey
Grady PatrickCurvey
Greevy JamesLankill
Greevy ThomasLankill
Hallinan JamesBallygorman
Hallinan JohnBallygorman
Hallinan JohnCordarragh
Hannick JCloonskill (Joined Free State Army in Westport)
Heneghan JamesCordarragh
Heneghan JohnCordarragh
Heneghan JohnCloonskill
Heneghan JohnCurvey
Heneghan MichaelCordarragh
Heneghan RichardCloonskill
Heneghan TomCordarragh
Heneghan TomCloonskill
Heraty JamesRoigh
Heraty JohnLanmore
Heraty MichaelRoigh
Heraty PatrickLanmore
Heraty PeterLanmore
Hoban JohnLanmore
Hoban ThomasLanmore
Hughes CharlesCloonskill
Hughes CharlesLankill
Hughes JamesCloonskill
Hughes HarryCloonskill
Hughes OwenLankill
Hynes JohnAughagower
Keane HughBallinlough
Keane ManusMountbrown
Kelly JohnAughagower
Kelly PatrickLankill
Kerrigan JamesBallygorman (Joined Free State Army at Westport)
Kerrigan JohnBallygorman
Kerrigan MichaelCreggandarragh
Kerrigan PatrickBallygorman
Kerrigan ThomasBallygorman
Lally JamesCreggandarragh
Lally PatrickCurvey
Lavelle JohnCordarragh
Loftus JohnCreggandarragh
Loftus MichaelCreggandarragh
Lyons PhilCloonskill
Lyons ThomasCloonskill
Malone JosephLanmore
Malone MartinCloonskill
Malone PatrickAughagower
Moran MichaelCreggandarragh
Moran MichaelCurvey
Moran PatrickCurvey
Moran ThomasCreggandarragh
Morrison MichaelLanmore
Morrison PatrickLanmore
Mulroy JohnCurvey
Mulroy JosephCurvey
Mulroy MartinCurvey
Mulroy PatrickCurvey
Mulroy PeterCurvey
Mulholland FrancisCordarragh
Munnelly TimRailway Line
McDonnell ThomasMountbrown
McGuire AndrewCordarragh
McGuire DanRoigh
McGuire HubertRoigh
McGuire JamesRoigh
McGuire JohnRoigh
McGuire JohnCordarragh
McGuire PatrickRoigh
McGuire PeterLanmore
McGuire TomLanmore
Nolan JohnKnappabeg
Nolan PatrickKnappabeg
Noonan AenasMountbrown
Noonan PatrickAughagower
Nugent FrankRoigh
Nugent MichaelRoigh
O'Malley CharlesLanmore
O'Malley PatrickRoigh
Regan WilliamAughagower
Reid JamesKnappabeg
Reid JohnKnappabeg
Reid JohnLettereen
Reidy JamesAughagower
Reilly JohnAughagower
Ruddy PatrickLanmore
Scahill PatrickCurvey
Scott JamesBallygorman
Scott JohnBallygorman
Scott MarkBallygorman
Scott PatrickBallygorman
Sheridan JamesBallygorman
Sheridan JohnAughagower
Sheridan JohnCurvey
Sheridan JohnBallygorman
Sheridan OwenCurvey
Sheridan PatrickCurvey
Sheridan PeterRoigh
Sheridan TomRoigh
Staunton JohnCordarragh
Staunton PatrickCordarragh
Staunton ThomasCordarragh
Tunney PeterDerrycroff
Tunney ThomasDerrycroff
Touhy MichaelCordarragh
Walshe JamesLanmore
Walshe JohnLanmore
Walshe JohnKimeen
Walshe MichaelKimeen
Walshe PatrickKimeen
Walshe PatrickKimeen
Walshe PeterBallinlough
Walshe RichardLanmore
Walshe RobertBallinlough
Walshe ThomasLanmore
Walshe ThomasBallinlough
Walshe ThomasLettereen