Forgotten Heros

By Michael Chambers

This is a poem I wrote about the ordinary people who gave so much for Irish freedom and without whom the flying columns would not have been able to function

I am the proud old woman
I know not about a gun
I make the stew and bake the bread
For the men on the run

I am the tired old man
To late for me has come the cannon roar
But as young men rest
I stay on watch outside my cabin door

I am the fair young maid
I march with our men to war
I’m prepared to fight and die
For the cause we have risen for

I am the fearless child
The future of this nation
Right now I have a role to play
I carry information

I am the mountain Man
I walk these hills each day
I am their eyes and ears
For the rebels I lead the way

For we are a risen people
They will never understand
How we will do all we can
To free our native land

So when the books are written
About the hero’s who fought and died
Please won’t you remember us
The hero’s by their side