Dooagh Company (Achill)

This company was in the 2nd (Newport Battalion) from it’s formation. In January 1922 it was transferred to the 4th (Achill Island) Battalion of the newly formed 5th Brigade (North West Mayo)

List of Officers

NameRankWitness StatementPensionMedal
McNamara AnthonyO/C
Moran Michael1st Lieut
O’Donnell Paddy Adjutant

List of Volunteers

Burke Anthony
Burke James
Burke John
Callaghan Pat
English Tom
Fadian Martin
Fadian Michael
Fadian Pat
Gallagher Martin
Gallagher Hugh
Gallagher Michael
Gielty Anthony A
Grady Pat
Grey James
Kilcoyne Anthony
Kilcoyne Anthony A
Kilcoyne John
Kilcoyne Pat
Kilcoyne Tom
Lavelle Pat
Mangan John
McNamara Denis
McNamara James
McNamara John
McNamara John A
McNamara Michael
McNamara Owen
McNamara Pat (T)
McNamara Pat (J)
Moran John (Joe)
Moran Michael (J)
Moran Pat (P)
O'Malley Edward
O'Malley John P
O'Malley Pat
O'Malley Patrick T.
O'Malley Patrick P.
Vesey James
Vesey Pat